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iOttie MetalPlate for iTap Magnetic Mount

iOttie MetalPlate for iTap Magnetic Mount

9,99 €
Availability2-3 weeks
What makes this product so special?
Want to use multiple devices with your iOttie iTap Magnetic Vent Mount? Now you can! With an extra pair of each the outer plate & inner plate, never worry about compatibility when changing devices or cases. Provided film will allow easy removal when placing the metal plate on your device or case.
  • For use with the iTap Magnetic Vent Mount
  • Provides inner plate, outer plate, and film. 
  • Inner plate is to be used between a case and smartphone 
  • Outer plate is to be used outside smartphone or case
  • Film is to be placed before attaching metal plate to provide easy removal
  • Great for travelling
  • practical accessory
  • self adhesive rear for easy attachment
  • high-quality material