Review: How to protect your screen the best way? #1

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Along with the rising of touch screen telephones, risen the number of accessories, cases and films that serve as their protection. Even though smartphone manufacturers invest a lot of effort into making tempered glass, its resistance is still not good enough. Recently, the internet was struck by the news that Apple is planning on using zephyr glass with its next iPhone, and that it should resist common scratches and also crashes on the ground.  But these are still only speculations and so let’s take a look at the best and absolutely affordable screen protection so far. We will be talking about protective glass that we have also tested ourselves.

Nowadays there are a lot of producers of protective glasses that offer different types for different prizes. We chose the producer that specializes exclusively on making protective glasses and promises a great quality for a reasonable price. The company MyScreen based in Europe produces quality glasses and foils since 2004. Their glasses have won numerous awards and have gained the attention of the German magazine, which picked them among the best in the test.



Why is it better to invest in protective glass rather than film? There are many reasons so let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both of them.


+ Beautiful clean picture

+ Resistant against common scratches

+ Smooth for touch

+ Easy cleaning

–  None


–  Distorted picture

–  Common scratches are visible on it

–  Difficult cleaning, high chance of air bubbles

–  Smaller chance of protecting the screen when crashing on the ground than in the case of glass

+ Low price

The company MyScreen sells a lot of different types of their glasses and films and there is really a lot to choose from. We have chosen the best :


Do you remember how your parents used to say not to look on the computer/smartphone so much because it can harm your eyes? This exact problem is being solved by No Bad Light glass that protects your eyes and body from being harmed by the blue light emitted by the screen of electronic devices. No more tired red eyes. No Bad Light also holds the character of protective glass.




Diamond Glass is the flagship of the company MyScreen. It really is the most resistant glass of the highest quality they ever made. According to the scale it is one of the most scratch-resistant glasses (9-10H). Moreover, the oleophobic glass surface allows you to easily wipe off the oily smudges of the screen. If you want to pamper your iPhone with only the best protection, this is the glass for you. Even I use it, and I can proudly tell you that after three months of using there is not a scratch on it!


IMG_0022 copy




The AntiSPY protective glass is made especially for those who want to protect their privacy from others. You will be able to go through the contents of your iPhone and no one else will see it except for you. AntiSPY offers the privacy from all four ways and prevents anyone else from seeing your screen. The glass is also protective when it comes to scratches and crashes.


IMG_0046 copy




We had decided to make our own test that will show you the resistance of MyScreen’s  Protector Diamond glass. For the test we used keys, screwdriver and wrench. In the test there is only a dummy of an iPhone that we used to stick the protective glass on.

We were very surprised how the glass survived the keys and screwdriver – there wasn’t even a scratch! The only difference was with the wrench, where the glass wasn’t able to hold against its power.

if you care about protecting your iPhone and you want to pamper it with the best protection, we recommend the MyScreen glasses. But you also need to be careful, there are many online people selling the glasses at extremely low prices (especially on Ebay, etc. ). In most cases these glasses are of low quality and will not protect but harm your screen instead.

If you are interested in these glasses and decide to buy one, you can do so right here.


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