10 apps that support 3D Touch and you can also try their touch

A month ago, the newest iPhone 6s was introduced to us along with many new things, such as 3D Touch. That is of course not just for show. If you were trying to figure out where and how you are going to use it, you are in the right place. We will show you 10 apps in which you can use it.



Touch If you are less than 25 years old and you don’t have Instagram profile, it is like you are not even alive. OK, just joking. Instagram is a social network based on photographs and a place where you can also use the magic of 3D Touch

Instagram 3D Touch screenshots


Pinterest is also a social network but for pictures. Text is just as a description to pictures that you can upload freely. Thanks to 3D Touch you can find most popular images, search them and create your wall.


We can find 3D Touch also in Dropbox and thanks to it you can search, upload photos and many more.

Dropbox 3D Touch screenshots


The app iMovie is not for free but it is really worth it. Thanks to 3D Touch you can record new video and watch the last three videos.


Toto je najlepší skener v hre! Vďaka lepšiemu fotoaparátu môžeš svoj starý skener úplne zahodiť. S 3D Touch môžete vytvoriť nový scan alebo okamžite editovať staršie fotky. The best scanner in the game! Thanks to a better camera you can throw away your old scanner. With 3D Touch you can create new scan or immediately edit older photos.


Even Evernote got hit by the  3D Touch wave, now you can create new notes more effectively, take pictures or create a memo.


When combining 3D Touch and Twitter you can create new messages, new Tweets or search old ones.


This app is also in a payed version, so it is up to you which one you choose. You can create new calculator, insert the copied contents or to find the last calc example or require a basic calculator. This is a must have for every math student.


Thanks to Launch Center Pro you can not only launch apps, but moreover you can directly take actions in them. In one word – this is the Inception and Matrix mixed together.

And what is most important, the also support 3D Touch


Sending GIFs is totally common these days and with 3D Touch it will be even more effective. With it you can directly search, create and send them.