10 hidden iPhone 6s a 6s Plus tricks you didn’t know about

Do you have the new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus? Well congratulations. Many things are new thanks to the 3D Touch and maybe you didn’t know about them and it would take you long time to figure them out. That is why we have prepared this interesting article about tricks for your iPhone 6s.

Editing 3D Touch Sensitivity

Everyone has a different level of sensitivity in his hands and pressure on the screen. To avoid harming 3D Touch, you can edit its sensitivity. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch,


Set the Video Recording Resolution and fps

If the recording is made in 4k quality and you think it is taking too much storage space (this feeling grows depending on the storage capacity of your iPhone) in your phone and you feel like you could live with lower resolutions a lower fps, you are on the right address. You can make this change ig you go to Settings > Photos & Camera > Record Video and choose required resolution.


Quick camera launch

You can launch the camera the classic way or by using 3D Touch, which is much faster. All you need to do is hold the icon of the camera and 3D Touch will take care of the rest. You can choose between Selfie, recording, slow motion recording or creating a photograph.


Pressure sensitive to write in your notes

Since the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is a 3D touch screen sensitive to the pressure, by applying different pressure you can create lines with different thickness.


How to find quick way home or share your location

3D Touch made everything easier, maps likewise. You can immediately find something close to your current location, send your location, tag your location or let yourself to navigate you home.


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Siri will always pay attention

Until now, we were used to launch Siri manually before asking her something. All we need to do now is say “Hey Siri”and it will launch automatically. Let’s just hope it won’t turn out as in the movie Her.


Enable or disable Live Photos?

Some like it, some don’t, because they take a lot of your storage space. If you decided to buy a 16 GB version of iPhone, you probably won’t switch them on very often. You can turn off Live Photos in your camera by clicking the icon in the upper part.


Switching between apps thanks to 3D Touch

No more double clicking the Home button to launch App Switcher. Thanks to 3D Touch all you need to do is firmly press the left edge of the screen and slide it to the middle and that is how you launch App Switcher. If you continue sliding along to the right edge, you will be able to choose between opened apps all through to the last one.


Contacts + 3D TOuch

One of my favorite improvements. If you open contacts and hold chosen contact a bit longer, you can immediately send the person a message, call him, make video call or send him an email.


Song list always at your hand

From now on you can look up your song list anytime within the Music app without having to leave the screen. Simply press play/pause button while playing and the list of songs and many more will appear automatically.


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Is there anything you think we forgot about? Write to us what new you found in iPhone 6s