3 creative alarm clocks for iPhone, that we guarantee will get you out of the bed


Probably most of us has a problem with waking up in the morning. The easiest way is to set your alarm clock on your iPhone. Ooops. And make sure you will set for that your favorite song from your artist, just to get up more easily. Do not ever do that. You are going to hate it within a month. So in the morning you will wake up to your alarm clock and probably you’ll just shut it down by a learned gesture and turn on the other side. Just to shut your conscience up, you will set it to snooze for a few minutes, I can manage to be on time even with another half an hour in bed. And now we will show you the alarm clocks that will make you get up. They are in fact creative alarm clocks. You can find links to them in the headlines below. We will show you everything they are capable of in the article. Thanks to them we finally started to be everywhere on time in the morning.



The first app is AlarMom. It is a collection of minigames, that will start in particular time and will not let you be unless you complete at least one level. The games will reward you for your well behavior, well, pardon, for your behavior with new levels and characters.

Alarms (Sleep If U Can)

The meaning of this app is not to play any mini games, so don’t be too happy, because it will make you get up anyway. The meaning of it is to take a picture of something in your flat in the evening, e.g. television in the livingroom, and then in the morning, when it wakes you up, you have to take a picture of your television again just for it to stop beeping. You can, of course, choose any other object for the photograph.

Wake N Shake Alarm Clock

You probably figured out what we are going to do in the morning already from the headline. Shake shake. You will take you phone in hand and start shaking it. As a reward, the app will give you different awards. A perfect motivation for getting up in the morning.

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