5 myths about charging your iDevices

“Don’t use your iPhone when charging.”, “don’t leave it charging throughout the night”, and last but not least “leave it discharge completely.” – this is just a few of the most popular myths we are about to bust in this article. Batteries in portable devices have developed so much, that some of the stereotypes about them are already dead. The approximate life expectancy of standard batteries ( Apple and Samsung ) should be about 3 to 5 years.

Myth No.1: Using unbranded charger from other devices downgrades the capacity of the battery.

Fact: Using chargers from other (reputable) devices is not recommended by the producers, but they have no significant effect on the technical status of the battery.

Myth No.2: Don’t use your iDevice during charging.

Fact: You can use your iDevice whenever you want to.

Myth No.3: Don’t leave your iDevice to charge throughout the night.

Fact: All the devices are much smarter than you think. The moment the battery is fully charged, the charging process is stopped and it is not overcharging anymore.

Myth No.4: Turn off your iDevice every night.

Fact: The technical development of batteries is on such high level, that it stays unharmed even when using the device nonstop. Apple itself recommends to turn of the device at least once a week, which should prolong the life of your battery for 6 mothns.


Myth No.5: Do not charge your iDevice unless completely discharged.

Batéria- napájanie

Bonus fact: High temperature lowers the capacity of your battery.

Hot summer days are coming and so as soon as you feel that your device is overheating, give it a break and allow your devices some time to cool off.

If you’re fully using your iPhone and it discharges quickly, you should use an external battery. This is a great way to prevent complete discharging of your iPhone. Check out all the versions for iPhone or iPad from 19,99 €.