5 tips how to try the fashion trend Rose Gold

The color Rose Gold is in the spotlight for some time already, but at the moment  its popularity is reaching its highest peak. Ladies, in case you still don’t have anything in this color, it is time to change that. Here are 5 tips on what to purchase.


1 Watches. Good news – they are no longer made only by Michael Kors, but also by the brand KOMONO. And that means that now you can surely  afford one as well. You can find them right here…

2. Hair. Get inspired by model Cara Delevingne  – with this color of hair color you’ll be the center of attention.

3. Dress. If you are one of those prepared to say the big “I do” this season, why not to do it in an original way? Wedding dress and rings in the Rose Gold color are the pride of every bride.

4. Home accessories. Rose gold will shine in dark home interiors and modern workrooms. Try for example lamps or candlesticks, you certainly won’t ruin anything with them.

5. iPhone 6s. New iPhone 6s is expected this fall and rumours say that it should appear also in the Rose gold edition. Apple loves trends. And why should we complain?