Do you love Apple? Then this iCup is made for you

If we have to choose two things that designers love, it would be coffee and Apple products. That’s why designer Tomislav Zvonaric invented Apple coffee cup. We’ve already seen a lot of different Apple cups and glasses, but this one is exceptional. Tomislav says that the idea of “iCup” is something completely new and that he saw a few similar designs for “iCup”, but his art is more realistic and eclectic than the rest. Basically he wanted all the Apple fans to like it.

The symbol of his work is the sleek design and glossy finish. You can attach to the cup a USB device that should help it to be heated. The bonus is a small spoon in the shape of Apple logo. But before you start opening your wallets, we would like to add that this is just a concept. Although it met with a huge positive response. That’s why it is just a question of time till it becomes reality. Would you order one?