Everyone will fall in love with the luxury Apple Watch Hermès

If you like luxury and fashion, the newest Apple Watch combined with french brand are a must have for you.

These are the special Apple Watch Hermes. Apple shifted the level of luxury to the next level. On the back side there is engraved the Hermès logo and the dial on the screen is designed specifically by designers from Hermès. The watch come in three versions defined by the type of the strap. Models are available in the classic 38 and 42 mm versions and are made of stainless steel. They are being sold since October and you can find them typically in Apple Stores or at Hermès boutiques.

You won’t buy them here, of course, you can’t even buy the classic Apple Watch here. Now think of a sad emoticon. The price begins at 1100 dollars and it is slowly getting higher. The watch is mainly made for women and if you see the box you will probably don’t care about the vacation with your boyfriend and buy them. Just follow the motto “but I need it”.