Great improvement. Magnetic charger for iPhone will save you a lot of nerves.

You know it. You start charging your iPhone and leave it there. Many times happens that you forget about charging and you somehow manage to snag the cable and the phone falls immediately. If you don’t have it in a case, it can get damaged.

Magnetická nabíjačka pre iPhone aj Android. ZNAPS zjednoduší náš život

Magnetic charger ZNAPS will free you of these problems. It is some MegaSafe connector well known to people who have MacBook. They can enjoy this improvement since 2006. For iPhone owners it was just an unfulfilled dream. Till now. During its using you just connect the two ends and the magnets connect them immediately and hold them strongly together.

In case you snag at the cable, the magnets just disconnect and the iPhone stays safe. You don’t have to worry about it falling on the ground anymore.  Not only you can charge the battery with it, it can also transmit data. You can also choose a connector to your iPad. The project is financed on the well-known page Kisckstarter, where it already got the needed amount of money from the common people. In the beginning they were supposed to raise only 120 000 dollars to start with the project. After only few days of signing up to Kisckstarter they raised over 1 million dollars. The product price will probably be around 9 dollars. Do you like this idea?