Griffin Survivor – Outdoor Cases for Men

We are glad that there is no license needed for the Griffin Survivor case. If you love danger, hiking, if you are a frequent dropper of your iPhone or iPad when you drink or work, or if you often find yourself in rough environment and you want no harm to be done to your iPhone, then Griffin Survivor is made for you. Griffin Survivor edition for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S/5, iPad Air 2/1 and iPad mini was especially designed to fulfill the standards of US Department of Defense.

It protects your phone perfectly from extreme conditions including crashes, dust, sand, rain, impact, vibrations and other negative weather effects. Survivor All-Terrain has got 4 levels of protection – a foam lined unbreakable polycarbonate frame in a rugged shock-damping silicone. The inbuilt screen protection clicks in and isolates your touchscreen from surrounding environment. The Home button is also protected by a layer allowing the TouchID to work.

You can run it over by a car and it stays unharmed. The volume controllers and the ringer button are covered and the Lightning connector, headphone jack and the hold button are protected by elevated plugs.

Moreover, for easier carrying there is a resistant rotary buckle, that enables to secure your phone and attaching it to a belt or bag strap. And the best thing is that it can easily fit into a pocket on your trousers. But enough of theory, let’s watch a video and see what the Survivor cases can handle with your own eyes.

Check the video, how strong are the Survivor cases.

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