Ikea brings a new stylish wireless way of charging your iPhone

When you say Ikea, the first thing that comes to our minds is affordable and stylish furniture. If you live close to Bratislava, you are a lucky one. The rest of can just envy in silence.

Ikea is not only a bed or a wardrobe, but also the newest technology. It is not that long ago since they signed a contract with Samsung and started making furniture able to charge Samsung S6 Edge the wireless way. The demand was so huge that they started to distribute this technology for iPhones as well. It is especially for the types iPhone 4/4s , iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 6

I am sure you’ve already heard about similar technology, but Ikea is trying to get people’s attention to their precise, simple design and also scores relatively low price. So how does it really work? IPhone doesn’t yet have the technology that would provide immediate wireless charging. That’s why first you have to dress your iPhone in a special case called VITAHULT. That cooperates with the wireless pad, which can be purchased right at Ikea. But there are a few options. You can either buy just a pad, or you buy only lamp incorporating a charging pad, or you buy a nightstand with the pad or fit this pad into just any furniture from Ikea. Great idea. You can find out more about it right on their page. If you have similar furniture but you need the special case in which to clothe your iPhone to charge it wireless way,  come to our web, where you can order it.