Invincible UAG cases for your iPhone were tested in space and you can own them as well

Every Apple enthusiast knows, that iPhone is a very fragile device, therefore it should always be inside a protective case. There is a wide scale of cases that have different use. Some of them pay special attention to the design, others take care of the protective use of the case and the esthetic side is not the priority.

Is there also the golden mean? A case that is not only resistant but also has a great design? The answer is Urban Armor Gear. Providing enough massive protection and can be also attached to a strap. The only case ever tested in space that survived a free fall from 31 kilometer height. These cases can handle even the harshest treatment and common crashes are no problem for them. This at first sight very rough case is surprisingly very light and thin. The company UAG has been well known for years as a maker of the most resistant cases with aggressive look that are on the market, and this one is a perfect example.

UAG cases would thanks to their resistance find their place also in the army unit. This information could be a great reference for those who work in extreme conditions, or for all the people who love adventure and want their iPhone to be protected perfectly and at their service for all the time. Thanks to their design, patented impact-resistant shell and soft inner post perfectly protects the device against damaging vibrations.   You can also choose from many color variations that will make any adventurer happy.

Don’t forget that all the colorful cases you had the chance to see in this article, you can also find in our shop as well as other types.