Product: Enjoy a timeless design and royal sound from this amazing speaker from brand B & O PLAY

You can listen to music from anything. All that matters is how much are you willing to pay more for a quality sound from speakers. They come in various price offers.


 But this article will be about the speakers that are like from another planet, and their price is like from another planet as well. What has to be said is that the sound is also like from another planet. Looking at it, you would hardly guess that this really is one huge speaker that was amazingly designed as well. If your imagination was even better, you could say that this is one huge light. But done with jokes. Let’s talk more about the speaker.

B & O PLAY offers products with clear and simple controlling  – easily portable products that are intuitive and easy to integrate into everyday life and in it they offer interesting experiences. The perfect wireless sound at a garden party or at a flat party can now be available from your favorite device. Without loosing the performance and the purity of sound. Even the very operation of the device is an experience. It is controlled by touch and all you have to do is to stroke it. Don’t look for any buttons, just by a symple move to the side you can change the volume. Magical!






BeoPlay A9 offers wireless streaming of music from your iPhone / iPad or iPod through the integration of technology AirPlay from Apple. Connect it to your wireless network and if the icon of AirPlay shows up on your device, then it means it is ready for playing music through the high quality speakers without you having to get up from your chair. So simple and so beautiful. The A9 speaker is designed to change not only your interior but also your life. Doesn’t matter if you place it in the corner, into open space on whether you hang it on the wall. As we said already, these aren’t cheap speakers. But for this price you will get a timeless design and Royal Sound. Their price is 2 199,99 € . And not to forget, this is an exclusive product made for order only. You can find it here on this link. At the end of the article you can see the video to see them from all sides.