PURO Ultraslim – thin as a paper, light as a feather

The Puro company is often one of the first companies offering cases for new Apple devices and for great prizes. PURO Ultraslim  for iPhone 6 is one of the elite cases designed by Swircheasy to provide the highest protection and at the same time be the thinnest on the market. PURO Ultraslim are only 0.30 millimetres thin and weigh only 4 grams. Cases are made of plastic – polycarbonate that is by the words of the producer careful to environment. You can find these cases in 2 colours – white and elegant black.

You are looking at case that shames all other ultra-thin cases. It may sound as a cliché, but people from PURO Ultraslim put huge effort into making this case. People with iPhone 6 are turning to ultra-thin cases all over the world much more often. PURO Ultraslim is made for people who like beautiful design and who don’t want the case to consume the stunning architecture of the very iPhone.

This case really feels as light and thin as a paper.Ultraslim cases are not made to last crashes to the ground but they win against scratches and fingerprints – they are so thin, you are basically unaware you have it on your phone and you can easily put your iPhone anywhere, into your pocket, bag, etc. The case, as opposed to the shiny surface showing even the tiniest scratch, is matte and fingerprints along with scratches are not clearly visible, which will really please you.

The case is not protective along the whole circuit, which can be a disadvantage for many Apple product owners, but let’s not forget that this case is made for iPhone 6 and if some of our readers remember, the problem with scratches on the circuit was bothering iPhones 5 and 5S. With the iPhone 6 it is not impossible, but less probable to happen than with the previous model.

We can certainly agree that the Ultraslim cases are as thin as paper and as light as a feather, the weight of 4 grams is really very small. The cases have a very simple design which we appreciate, and a wide choice from many fresh colours fits perfectly to the design of iPhone. We give it 5 out of 5 points.