Thanks to a simple trick the battery in your iPhone will last a bit longer

One of the things that is being a bit forgotten about when it comes to developing new smartphones is the battery. When it comes to common usage, some Facebook and Facebook again, you search a few websites, try that new app, take a few pictures and by the end of the day the battery is dead.

Then, in the evening, a friend calls you hoping you didn’t forget about the meeting you have in half an hour downtown. You take a look at the state of the battery and you know that this will definitely don’t end up well. One of the options you have is to buy an external charger from our store or read this article on how to save a few percent  on your iPhone and at the same time prolong the life of your battery. Maybe you haven’t heard about it but also iPhone has the function of energy saver mode.


When you activate it on you iPhone, it will automatically deactivate all the unused applications that are open in the background and temporarily suspend all their visual effects. They are very energy-consuming. Including the automatic switching on the screen when you receive a message. Did you know that many phones have the energy saver integrated? Perhaps, all of them have it set to turn on automatically or to offer the option of activating, when reaching a certain amount of battery. All of the unused apps will be turned off and it will also stop various activities to prevent you from your phone being completely discharged. iPhone has similar system. When reaching 20% of remaining battery, iPhone will offer you the option of turning on the energy saver. You can also turn it on even sooner, if you already know, that you are going to need the phone and you won’t be able to get to your charger.

We will even show you where to find this function. Open “Settings” on your iPhone, go to “Battery” and choose the option “Power saving mode”. It works perfectly on iOS9. Your iPhone just got a few more hours plus to live.