Top apps : 5 best mobile apps for editing pictures with iPhone

Taking pictures with mobile phones is getting more and more popular. The Apple company knows it and only in recent past they uploaded their choice of the best pictures taken by and edited with iPhones on their webpages. Apple just  wants to remind you, that for you to take a quality picture, you really don’t have to own a digital camera anymore.

What can be more practical than an always-ready iPhone in your pocket that is able to take the snapshot in just a few seconds?

But all the pictures need a “facelift” from time to time, and that can be offered by editing them in mobile apps. That is why we have decided to bring you the list of top apps for editing pictures with iPhone.


There is no doubt that the VSCO Cam app is one of the best. Its advantages and original filters are used by many professional photographers. You are able to crop the photo, change contrast, shadows, grain, highlights, etc. And the best thing is that you can share your photos in your online library called “grid” under your own domain


  • free app
  • possibility to buy premium filters
  • possibility to share pictures in your online library
  • constant app updates


  • a bit more difficult user environment, that not everybody has to like at first

The app is in the App Store FOR FREE + possibility to buy premium filters.


The second best mobile app for picture editing is the app called Snapseed. This app finally got a recent update that offers many new filters, functions like lens blur, Spot Healing and so on.

One of the long-awaited new the update brought is the possibility of nondestructive editing, that allows you to turn your filter combinations or editing back to the original state, or simply copy them from one picture to another.


  • free app
  • advanced features
  • nondestructive editing option


  • longer processing photos in a larger file

App is in the App Store FOR FREE.


The Overgram app will allow you to insert text into pictures. It offers a wide scale of fonts but not all of them are for free. All you need to do is choose!


  • wide scale of fonts


  • the price of some of them

The price of the app in the App Store: 1,99$


If you are a fan of making collages, this app will for sure be useful to you. The app offers many templates which you can personalize by your own needs.


  • free app
  • wide scale of templates

The app is in the App Store FOR FREE.


I am sure all of you know the app called Instagram. Instagram offers a lot of filters, you can also frame the picture, crop it, edit contrast, etc. This app will allow you to share your pictures straight onto your profile.


  • original filters
  • easy user environment
  • the app is also available in Slovak language

Are there even any disadvantages of this app?

The app is in the App Store FOR FREE.

Each and every one of these apps is made for something else. It is entirely up to you which one you download to your iPhone. If you have any tips for apps that you can edit your pictures within your iPhone, share them with us in the comments.

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