Trust but verify – proven advice when buying a second hand iPhone

Buying a second hand phone was never an easy way to handle. The reasons are very simple, the buyer is almost every time afraid of taking a phone with some hidden defect or a phone that was stolen. But we know a few tips and tricks how to buy a used iPhone very easily and effectively. With the following steps it will be easy peasy and so you will not have to worry from who you are buying the device any more. It is always better to buy the phone in person – you will avoid any fraud and you have a direct opportunity to test all its functions. Do not fall for things like sending a down payment in advance or the rule “I’ll send you the iPhone, but first it’s your turn” – it is necessary to check it out properly and to rethink the purchase.

Boxes and accessories

The first question I got when I was selling my iPod was if I still own the box and all the accessories. To have the original box in which the device was originally packed is not really a necessity, but that can also be a proof that the owner was taking good care for the device. Typical iPhone accessories should contain Lightning cable (or the or standard, 30-pin with older models), plug into power and, alternatively, headphones. I have to mention that some dealers would not include the headphones for hygienic reasons, but they are in their original packaging, so why not?

Receipt and warranty card

The second and very important point when buying an iPhone is to ask for the proof of purchase, alternatively the guarantee certificate. The absence of these documents is quite upsetting – it can say a lot about the owner’s irresponsibility, and therefore you don’t really know the actual price the product was purchased for. Despite this, however, you can reclaim the phone, thanks to the IMEI number.

External condition

Here you can apply the traditional rule – “clean” iPhone = iPhone that was looked after and well taken care of and a broken iPhone = irresponsible owner. A good owner knows that if one day he would like to get rid of his iPhone, he will take proper care of it and if he won’t carry it in a sleeve or a case, at least he will leave the film on. When it comes to small, tiny scratches, you can bend a rules a little bit but if there display is scratched or there are deep scratches, the owner should give some discount from the price. If he would not do it, it is up to you to try to bargain. You will not lose anything, on the contrary,  you can only gain.

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Internal condition (ports, speakers)

Not all that glitters is gold. In case of iPhones this rule doubles. Are you thinking about buying cheap? Surely it won’t hurt to personally test the microphone and speakers, both cameras and with the newest models also the 3D Touch. Potential oxidation of 3.5 mm jack, Lightning port or malfunction of speakers can cause considerable complications and lighten your pockets of even more money..


The price knows, but not always has to play a role in sale. If the phone is in perfect  condition but without the warranty, the seller is trying to sell it at best possible price from his point of view. I know from my personal experience that if the warranty no longer applies to the device, the price should be no more than half of what it was originally purchased for. I bought my iPod 2 and half years ago for 330€ and sold it in March for 150€, which is almost half of the price. By the way, do not get fooled by an ïPhone 6 for 300€” price tag. This can very likely be a fraud, or the phone could have been serviced by an unauthorized person and there can be a hidden defect.  


Well, something about forgeries? Don’t really think there is a need for that. Everyone, who knows at least something about iPhones can tell a fake from the original. Of course, you can see it at first glance, but if you are nevertheless confused by the identical menu and continuity of the system, try to go to settings and look at the version of the system. Can you tell which one of these two is the original one?

Jailbreak, blocking by operator iCloud lock

Basically all of these are a change in the iOS, so we have summed it up all in one point. If you are buying an iPhone with warranty and the jailbreak has been applied (you can see the Cydia icon in the menu or other system anomalies)/ you are automatically loosing the warranty and you can get it back only by restoring the phone in iTunes. Not everyone, of course, is bothered by jailbreak, but now we we’ve got nine iOS and with it most of the features that once existed only in the golden era of jailbreaking (iOS 6 and below), so some users find this adjustment to the system unnecessary.

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When viewing the online bazaar pages, one can often encounter a device that is blocked by the operator. In case the telephone is not unblocked, you can overcome this issue only through Gevey or R-SIM and similar hardware unlocks, which is not really a win – if you want to have a fully functional phone without any adjustments. If you are able to give away money for oficial unblocking, you should contact the operator, from which the iPhone was bought directly. Just to be noted, the phones from our operators are not blocked in any way and they work also with a different SIM card.

You can easily find out, if the iPhone was stolen by the IMEI number (code *#06#) and various databases in pursuit of a stolen mobile phones. Of course, iCloud web can be helpful as well, all you need to do is to enter the serial number or IMEI and you don’t have to worry about the rest. Oh, and I almost forgot. Do not forget about the Find My iPhone control function when purchasing the device. This can be turned on, and in case the previous owner logs it off and locks the device remotely on purpose, all you will be left with is a paper-weight that not even God himself can unlock. These devices are often sold way below price, as there is no way to undo the damage and the rest of the device can be sold for parts if it is in a good condition.

If you ever need any advice regarding your “new” iPhone, free to turn to InnocentStore – we’ll help with the start and as a part of servicing we will do the diagnostics and put your iPhone in a good shape