We know what to do when your iPhone or iPad falls into water

his headline is probably a nightmare for all the Apple enthusiasts. Most of you would say that this can never happen to them. Let us assure you, that it can. Before you start panicking like a woman when they don’t have her shoe size on sale, just keep in mind what to do when it happens.

The best thing to do is to prevent such thing from happening and to avoid places with water. No, your case that costed a few Euros from bazoš will not protect it from water. In case your iPhone already got in touch with water or you want to prevent it, read on.

Firstly, it is necessary to say one thing. Your iPhone contains two indicators of moisture., that are white when you buy your phone. These sensors are placed by the jack and in the charger slot. When the phone gets in contact with water, these sensors turn red. Immediately after this you are loosing your phone warranty. But the most important thing is to keep your iPhone working.

  1. In case you phone gets in contact with water or falls in it, take it out immediately
  2. For sure do not try to shake the water out of your iPhone. It will do the opposite and go even deeper.
  3. Turn off your iPhone and dry its surface with a towel. Then carefully take out the SIM card.
  4. Take uncooked rice and put it in a sachet or into a bowl.
  5. Place your iPhone into it and cover it with rice.

Most of the instructions end with the step of taking the iPhone out of the rice and trying to turn it on. But even if you succeeded in turning it on, you still haven’t won. It could have easily happen that some part of the iPhone is stil holding the water and will start to corrode. So if you bought an iPhone for a few hundred euros, why not to take it to the repair shop, just to be sure. You will have a 100% certainty that it is OK. We will love to take a look at your “Apple swimmers”, just  visit our web.

But even if you decide not to take it to the service, take it out of the rice after 48 hours and turn it on. If it turns on, it looks like it is OK, so just put it in your charger. Just don’t connect it to your computer.

We hope we helped you. Don’t forget that you can always write and ask us anything.